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Text Expansion using espanso - Free Text Expander for Mac

Text Expansion using espanso - Free Text Expander for Mac

In this post, we will look at improving developer productivity using espanso on the Mac OSX


# add the tap to homebrew
brew tap federico-terzi/espanso

# install espanso
brew install espanso

Register at startup

# authorize espanso on osx
espanso register

# make sure to go to system preferences and allow espanso to control your computer

# explicitly start ... without a system restart
espanso start

Configure espanso

As explained in the config docs, edit the config default.yml file and insert the expansions

sublime ~/Library/Preferences/espanso

Make the changes are restart espanso:

espanso restart


Hack away like a ninja!

Check out the demo below. Lots of good info on the documentation page and issues page.