One of my projects is synced up to a Git repo as a fork. For the basic structure, I use the root repo that has the base template of my meteor projects which I fork to build custom solutions.

And I've been experimenting with changing the structure of the root repo in various branches and was successful in creating a base template in a different branch.

Now I had this problem of ensuring that the branches of my forked repo is in sync with the root repo.

After a bit of searching, as mentioned here, I was able to find that upstream upstream repository to the root repo, and then do a git fetch, and I was able to sync up the child repo branches to match that of the root repo.

My commands include:

# existing structure
git remote -v

# add upstream
git remote add upstream

# revised
git remote -v

# fetch the branches from the upstream repo
git fetch upstream

Now, I have my new branches to work off from!

Next, I committed the changes from my root repo branch to my current repo branch using SmartGit. All changes were incorporated and I have my modified repo to work off from!