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Interactively edit data in Rstudio to create bullet charts

Interactively edit data in Rstudio to create bullet charts

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In this post, let us look at the procedure for editing data in Rstudio.

Before we get started, let me explain the context of such a need.

I've been working on visualizations for a fair bit through this week and I have been trying to create a visualization of bullet graphs.

This package called bulletchartr makes the job very easy and straightforward.

As shown in this post, I'd like to use the sample data to create the bullet charts.

However, I would like the data to be relevant to my particular purpose which I will try and demonstrate in this video.

Bullet charts are straightforward chart and are extremely powerful. They convey a lot of information in a single picture.

The video below shows the process for:

  • Creating a bulletgraph with sample data
  • Editing the data interactively using datapasta
  • Creating a bulltergraph for your individual need!