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Daily coding - Spying on #rstudioconf2020

Daily coding - Spying on #rstudioconf2020

Let's do a quick #dailycoding exercise. #rstudioconf2020 is on and few of us, unlucky ones, are tracking it on Twitter. :-(

Let's try to make things a little more exciting and track the progress with some code.

Get the data

## load rtweet package

## search for 18000 tweets using the rstudioconf2020 hashtag
rt <- search_tweets(
  "#rstudioconf2020", n = 18000, include_rts = FALSE

tweets <- rt

How is the vibe?

## plot time series of tweets
rt %>%
  ts_plot("3 hours") +
  ggplot2::theme_minimal() +
  ggplot2::theme(plot.title = ggplot2::element_text(face = "bold")) +
    x = NULL, y = NULL,
    title = "Frequency of #rstudioconf2020 Twitter statuses from past 9 days",
    subtitle = "Twitter status (tweet) counts aggregated using three-hour intervals",
    caption = "\nSource: Data collected from Twitter's REST API via rtweet"


Its getting active!

Where are they tweeting from?

tweets %>% 
  filter(! %>% 
  count(place_full_name, sort = TRUE) %>% 
  top_n(5) %>% View


I like the guy in this Tesla :-)

Favorite device?


table_tweet <- data.frame(head(sort(table(tweets$source),decreasing=T),20))

ggplot(table_tweet, aes(x=Var1, y=Freq)) +
  geom_segment( aes(x=Var1, xend=Var1, y=0, yend=Freq)) +
  theme(axis.text.x = element_text(angle = 90, hjust = 1)) +
  labs(title = "Tweets by device/source", x="Device/Source",y="Frequency")+
  geom_point( size=5, color="red", fill=alpha("orange", 0.3), alpha=0.7, shape=21, stroke=2)


Yup! iPhones rock! I'm thinking of shifting to Android now though :)